Relationship Coaching

I am happy you found me as you are probably searching for a way to change your current feelings, situation or relationship.


Let Me Help You!

When women are unhappy in our relationship it is very easy for us to start focusing on all of the things our partner needs to do to make us happy. In other words, we hand the responsibility of the happiness of the relationship over to him. We say ”If only he would do this” or we blame him for everything that’s going ‘wrong’. We believe that if only he would change we could be happy again and the relationship would be ok. We make our happiness dependant on him and his behavior. (That’s crazy isn’t it?? Why do we do that?)

This never changes

anything for the better.


Because this happens:
You feel out of control because you have given him all of the power.
You feel helpless because you think the only way things will get better is him changing and he is not doing that.
You take on the role of victim.
Then this happens:
You resent him.
He resents you. He withdraws because he feels criticized and judged. You feel unloved and unwanted.
Trauma and drama become the norm. A rift appears between you.
Both of you are hurting. The relationship starts to die.

What if....

The opposite of what you believe to be true is the actual truth?
What if your man does love you?
What if he loves the real you not the victim you have chosen to be?
What if you can turn it all around just by being YOU?
What if you are the creator of your own reality and you can be happy whether the relationship survives or not?
What if love doesn’t have to hurt?
You have the power to be happy again, it all starts with you…
Will you choose it?
Is now the time?
Enough is enough

Relationships can be the most important thing in our lives and can hurt us like nothing else. If you are caught up in all the pain and don’t know where to turn there is so much you can do to turn it all around! Trust me, I have been there and done it!
Make the decision to commit to your own life and watch everything around you start to change, including your man.

During the sessions we will work to help you

  • Be happy
  • Love life again
  • Start to have fun again by yourself and with your man
  • Recreate the connection with yourself and your partner
  • Know how to deal with difficult emotions and situations
  • Change the patterns you keep repeating
  • Create clarity
  • Come out of judgment
  • Let go of expectations
  • Let go of the need to be right
  • Let go of the trauma and drama
  • Stop blaming your partner or yourself
  • Realize your true capacities and therefore become empowered to create
  • what you choose
  • Create respect within your relationship
  • Start feeling loved and be able to love again
  • Understand how to and what to change to create harmony in your relationship.