About Jane



Life Coach

Hi, I am Jane and I trained as a Certified Life Coach 15 years ago. Since then I have become an Access Bars Facilitator and EFT and TFT Practitioner. I combine all of my skills and tools within my sessions to help my clients move forward and make changes with the most possible ease.

I had made some interesting choices and suffered much heartache and pain in relationships in my 20’s and 30’s but all of that changed 10 years ago when I decided enough was enough! I worked on my-self for quite some time, trying to understand why this kept happening ‘to me.’ Only I realised that I was creating it myself with my own points of view about what relationships should be like and my own addiction to trauma and drama. This was good news as it also allowed me to see I could change it if I chose to…which I did.

Since I made the demand for something different I met and married the man of my dreams and have created a very happy and content marriage that I love to be in.

I realised and acknowledged my part in all of the disasters and then was able to change my own beliefs, behaviour patterns and choices to create the relationship I truly desired.

The road was bumpy at times but with a good dose of self awareness and the right tools changes can be made in an instant!