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Emotional Healing


I am unique in my coaching service because I bring with me my expertise in the release of unwanted emotions and behaviour patterns. Relationships can induce trauma, sadness, anger and fear within us and this can take time to come to terms with or let go of in usual Relationship Coaching sessions.

I use different techniques to help you to let go of these painful emotions and can help you to strengthen your resolve to change the relationship. These techniques can support you when you are feeling weak and can help you to let go and move forward with more ease.

I also have tools that can help you to deal with situations that previously may have caused you pain; changing the way you perceive and receive changes the outcome of a situation. These tools can pour oil on troubled waters and help you heal from the inside at the same time as creating change on the outside.

I use EFT and TFT (tapping) within my sessions and many of the amazing tools from Access Consciousness that can create change very quickly and simply. Learning to use these tools yourself will empower you to create the changes emotionally and mentally and so circumstantially also.

When unwanted emotions come up within a session we will work to clear them away so that you can see through clear eyes and make choices from a place of calm and peace.

The hopelessness that we can feel within an unhappy relationship is natural and it also hinders our ability to see clearly and make the necessary changes. Easing those emotions and creating a new perspective can immediately create something different and more desirable.

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