Enlightened Relationship



What Is An Enlightened Relationship?


The widely accepted point of view in society regarding relationships is that you find your one true love, two become one...and you stay together forever...

You devote your life to someone else, cut of or change the parts of you they aren’t happy with or you think they won’t like, and eventually you become a weird reflection of each other.

Wait, what?? Does that sound joyful to you?

Wouldn’t you rather live a joyful life being the amazing being you are and have someone else joyful to share some of it with?

Using your choice to create your life and loving someone aswell instead of it being the all encompassing, controlling, manipulating and limited existence that we have been trained to see as normal? Are you ready for more?


  • It is a relationship free of control, manipulation, judgements and expectations.
  • The focus is on respect and consideration and a true caring for ourselves and the other person.
  • To enlighten is to receive knowledge and awareness and an understanding of ourselves.
  • In an enlightened relationship you are free to be yourself without fear of judgement from the other person and vice versa.
  • It is also about your relationship with yourself, living your life as you choose with the other person being a wonderful contribution without expecting you to sacrifice or change yourself for the relationship.
  • An enlightened relationship is a mutual understanding and can be achieved by anyone willing to release their old behaviour patterns, points of view and emotions relating to previous experiences.
  • There is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship and we are not aiming for that. Relationship have challenges, it is how we deal with them and the choices we make that create our relationship. Take back your power and intentionally create the relationship that you really want.

An enlightened relationship is not a destination that we reach, it is a moment by moment choice that we will sway from from time to time and we will get back on as soon as we realise, without judgement of ourselves or our partner.